Fun things not to do...

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Fun things not to do...

Postby Insanocat » 25 Feb 2012 16:57

283 km/h on K7 Gixxer with writting on it at end of downhill straight...emergency braking at people in car when going by at 110km/

happy-snap taken of red '90 VFR 750 [two-upping] post toy-run at 176 km/h...yay for no front rego plates/

group ride somewhere on west coast...mulitple bikes 200+ km/h sited by car with writting on it but car going opposite

same ride...same bikes...faster...coming back...same car...same itself 'coming back' going in opposite direction to group...this time person visibly swearing in car...absolute gold.

'90 VR 750 200+ km/h coming towards L'Ton after sideling run...two-up...impersonation of "Maverick" in TopGun when he lifts front end on rise on his Kwakka...did not "Crash and Burn!!!" it!

same '90 VFR two-up...power-slide around brighton/bridgewater 'round-about' at respectable speed...funny sensation...wish there were chasers to witness!

'84 BMW K100 RT rear wheel 'hopping around' corner at speed when trying to keep up with better bike...not so gold.

front end wash out when two-upping on speed...happens every ride on that horrible road...don't like it! not gold at all.

approx. 200m two-up wheelie...some where near L'Ton ;-)...accelarating upto 200+ km/h by the time front end is lowered...smooth landing...hit around the back of the head by pillion when back on two wheels....but every second worth gold ever.
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Re: Fun things not to do...

Postby Lovely » 31 Jul 2012 04:58

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